How To Order

Order with confidence knowing that your financial integrity is important to us and will be protected with the highest level of security.

You have found the simplest and easiest place do business in Texas (maybe the world!). We think that's a big deal, and we hope you do too! We want your experience to be one of value, simplicity, and Texas-strong security.

To place an order, you have three choices.

1 - Place an order through our Shopping Cart and Merchant Service Platform using your Credit Card / Debit Card. Cutting edge, ironclad software designed by eBay, is user friendly and completely secure.

2 - Place an order and mail a Personal Check or Cashiers Check.

3 - Place an order and wire funds directly from your financial institution to ours. (See below for all payment methods and wiring instructions.)

All completed transactions, regardless of payment type, will be followed up by a phone call from the PMIG Accounting Department. This is to ensure your account's safety and security. This is a must to protect you and to ensure no one but you places an order with our company using your identity.



Bank Wires, Cashier Checks, and Personal Checks are accepted methods of payment for all PMIG orders.

Credit Cards are accepted on qualified products. Each item on PMIG will indicate whether or not a Credit Card is an approved method of payment.


Wire transfers allow you to quickly and easily transfer money between your Financial Institution and PMIG. Please note that some third-party banks may charge a fee for Wire Transfers. Consult with your sending bank for details.

Please call PMIG at (877) 647-7128 for bank wire instructions.



Make check payable to: PMIG of Texas

** Never use the words Precious Metals, Gold, Silver, Platinum or Coins on an envelope for security reasons **

Mailing Address:


P.O. Box 1053

Portland, TX 78374

We do not accept electronic checks.